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Welcome to ShortcutJar!

Hello! I’m Aaron. I’m a blind college student who enjoys building tools that make my life easier. This site is my early attempt to start sharing these with the world. These tools mainly consist of shortcuts for Apple’s Shortcuts app, but that might change later.

I’m very passionate about AI and how it can be used to improve our lives, so most of my Shortcuts here will revolve around that passion.

About My Shortcuts

I currently have a pair of shortcuts that describe images and screenshots using OpenAI’s impressive new GPT-4o model. These shortcuts are primarily intended for use by blind people, but they can be used by anyone who might find them helpful.

If you would like to learn more about these Shortcuts, please visit the Describe Images page.

That’s it?

For now, yes. I have a few more Shortcuts in the works, and I intend to build out this site a bit more as well, but I wanted to get these two shortcuts out into the world as soon as possible. Expect regular updates to the site as I build more tools and come up with a bit more of a roadmap for myself.